Larson: Now what’s a man got to do to get that sort of attention from you?

Lara: If that’s the sort of attention you want, Larson, you’re well on your way.

Larson: Sounds like fun, but I’m only here to make an introduction. Lara Croft, meet Jacqueline Natla, of Natla Technologies.

Natla: Good afternoon, Miss Croft. My research department has recently turned its focus to the study of ancient artifacts. And I’m led to believe that, with the right incentive, you’re just the woman to find them for me.

Lara: I’m afraid you’ve been misled. I only play for sport.

Natla: Which is precisely why I’ve come to you, Miss Croft. This is a game you’ve played before; with your Father. You both spent years searching for the Scion of Atlantis. All you needed was the location of Qualopec’s Tomb.

Lara: You’ve found Vilcababma?

Natla: How quickly can you get to Peru?

salikawood said:CHOIMAICHANGa???????

our real savior

While you are all enjoying spending time with your family and eating a delicious Easter just remember the reason why we’re celebrating this holiday. Take a moment to thank little Chimichanga who gave his life to save his friends and the entire world from Nappa by sacrificing himself even though it didn’t really help much. Thank you Chimichanga. Your sacrifice will never go unnoticed.

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hey so I found this creepy chat

I’m just giving you quick glimpses of the story

To figure out the rest of the story, your going to have to go through it by yourself


Don’t worry, it’s NOT a jumping thing, just a genuinely creepy chat

Oh my god… That’s… Whoa. I got the chills

I’m too terrified to read this, i don’t trust the people of tumblr and I have a bad feeling something scary WILL pop up

It’s a scary chat but as the original poster I can guarantee you that nothing will pop out at you. 

the screen starts to shake as you read along, but I promise you nothing will pop out and scream at you. if it does, i give you all permission to send me hate mail

anyway here’s what others have to say about the story


for rorykenneigh

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