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Artist: Metric
Album: Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Song: Calculation Theme
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Metric | Calculation Theme

"Half the horizon’s gone for a skyline of numbers
Half the horizon’s gone we’re working the numbers
'Til I'm sick

Sleep don’t pacify us until
Daybreak sky lights up the grid we live in
Dizzy when we talk so fast
Fields of numbers streaming past

I wish we were farmers, I wish we knew how
To grow sweet potatoes and milk cows

I wish we were lovers, but it’s for the best.” 

But the worst people are the people who think Albert Wesker is still alive :///

Like, I genuinely feel bad because at one point Albert Wesker was an interesting character. All of the characters in RE1 were pretty basic characters whose personalities, for the most part, have been improved upon and fleshed out to a certain extent through sequels, prequels and obviously REMake.

And then you have Wesker whose deception in RE1 was one of the highlights of the game, even if you saw it coming. He had Barry pretty much turn on Jill. You see him as this antagonistic force and then his own plans fail and he’s killed by the Tyrant. He’s completely missing in action forever and he’s back in Code Veronica and then whatever was added to Code Veronica X. I never played Code Veronica X until it was released later as Code Veronica X and I know Wesker was featured more so there because there was so much positive reception towards him. Lmfao. And even he had his typical *~action cliche~* bullshit with his running up walls and whatnot but it was at least tolerable and he was behind the scenes with RE4 with Ada which was still at least behind the scenes and not too ridiculously over the top and then RE5 where his entire character is made into a laughing stock of a character being a test tube baby and Matrix rip off. Rip Wesker.

PS4 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Teaser

September 1st, 2014: Leaving her hotel in Sydney, Australia




The time shown on the clocks puts them in the eastern islands due to the time zone. ALEX WESKERS RESEARCH IS IN THE EASTERN ISLANDS. *SHAKES CAPCOM VIOLENTLY* DON’T FLAKE OUT ON THIS YOU LITTLE SHITS.

No. One Wesker was enough. Two Weskers was unnecessary and MORE than enough. Three Weskers is just completely uncalled for. Wesker is dead. Let his character and its entire arc be. Lord. 

Alex Wesker was aroubd before Jake was even a twinkle in his dads eye. He was one of the 13 Wesker Children and has been meddling since 1998 with last known records beingvin 2006 when left Spencer to die instead of giving him the completed project W so he could become immortal. Two notes in Lost In Nightmares Gold Edition tell us he is at large with Project W, has an enhanced brain compacity, and was conducting his studies in th Eastern Islands. Spencer told Albert he was the last Wesker Child and he believed him, showing us that Albert probably didn’t even know Alex survived. Alex was probably never even affiliated with his ‘brother’. He wouldn’t be doing any of this for Alberts sake, and the Wesker project was always a big part of RE’s story.

That whole Project W, Wesker Project, bullshit wasn’t even mentioned until RE5 in Lost in Nightmares, I believe, and the only reason it was brought up was because Capcom knew how many people wanted to suck Wesker’s dick and they needed some type of fanservice-y bullshit reason to keep his genetics around after they killed his Matrix ripoff ass.. Lmfao. 


The cyber goths get it to Uematsu’s battle theme banger “The man with the machine gun” from Final Fantasy VIII. 

As always with this video, it’s all about the girl with the fishnet sleeves. Slaying like Buffy every single fucking time.